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The Challenge
Help young citizens discover their own city
Untold aims to revive the stories of the city with the help of augmented reality. It is designed to tell forgotten stories or the city legends in an interactive way to adventurous souls. Mobile phones and AR technology shows what happened in key locations around the city.
User Research
Desk research around city culture, market analysis for similar services and user research have revealed that people do need to have a sense of belonging to their city, centralized activities cause less diffusion to the suburbs, preference inclines towards digital touchpoints and activities for the younger generation lacks.
HMW Question
How might we help 
young millennials in feeling more engaged and connected to 
their neighbourhood?
After the research and the persona development, we have created two different concepts and many prototypes to see how the concept is received by the user group and how it can be improved further. 
Some of the prototyping methods that are used were;
- Desktop Walkthrough
- Role-Playing
- Paper Prototypes
-User Scenarios
-Mood Boards
Customer Journey Map & Service Blueprint
System Map
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