The Challenge
Develop a delivery subscription service 
for Delhaize Belgium
The primary goal is to deliver a subscription platform for Delhaize Belgium that will have multiple features/abilities and will cover an omnichannel experience.
Many supermarkets and their subscription systems have been researched and evaluated. But the main focus of this research was for it to be incredibly user-oriented. That is why you will see in detail all the steps regarding user research.
After analysing each of these interviews according to users' shopping behaviours, habits, and practices they are all grouped under one of the following 3 groups.
1. The Planners
2. Free Spirits
3. Deal Hunters
Grouping led to us understanding these users better. 
Afterwards, we analysed these groups in a more detailed way.

We have looked into their behaviours, pain points, motivations, goals and needs.
That lead us to create these three personas to be shared with our stakeholders and develop a clearer move forward.
With the personas in hand, it was clear to both client's side and our side which direction to go and which persona to aim for with our subscription service.

"Planners" would be our main target audience. 

When all are analyzed, their needs, requirements, motivations and frustrations made them the perfect user group to aim for.
The discovery section was filled with workshops with stakeholders.
After having all detailed data and a clear audience to aim for, we have conducted many
 workshop sessions to ideate, discuss and analyze with our stakeholders. 

Some of the roles that were included in these sessions were;​​​​​​​
1. UX Designers
2. UI Designers
3. UX Researchers
4. Project Managers
5. Product Owners (Client-side)
6. Product Managers (Client-side)
User Flows and 
Low-Fidelity Wireframes
After a lot of ideation, brainstorming, brain-writing and idea-creation sessions, we have developed into actualizing phase, where we started examining them by breaking them down into flows and low-fidelity wireframes.
High Fidelity Wireframes,
 Scenarios & Edge Cases
Many iterations of these wireframes finally lead to the discussion and visualization of different scenarios and edge cases. I have created many wireframe flows for scenarios with potential edge cases and alternatives.

Wireframes for the "Free Gift Selection" scenarios for multiple cases and edge cases

UI Design
After I have concluded the finalization of the wireframes with multiple stakeholders across multiple platforms, scenarios and use cases, I handed them over to our UI designers to create the final designs and screens.
User Testing
The design of the user interface is followed by preparing a functioning prototype and conducting user testing with that prototype. After conducting 7 different interviews in a semi-structured way, certain updates and tweaks have been done in the final designs before going live.​​​​​​​
Delivery+ subscription service is live on Delhaize Belgium since May 12th 2022. 
Serving more than 400.000 people in Belgium.
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